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Andy Littlewood

Songwriter / Producer


Andy is a multi award winning songwriter, musician and producer who works in a wide range of genres. Andy's musical journey started while he was at school playing drums in the band, Blackout. After leaving school he learnt to play the guitar and fronted his own rock group, The Shade Department. It was during this time that he started to get interested in songwriting and music production, he produced several tracks for Doncaster based alternative band, John Merrick's Remains, their first single, 'Blood On The Rocks' achieved the accolade of 'Beach Novelty Of The Week' in the Melody Maker.


In the late 90's he formed a writing partnership with singer Toni Leo. They were approached by Eaton Music to write songs for artists on their roster, this resulted in the debut single 'My Way Or No Way' by Indigo Blue (Edel Records), appearing on the Smash Hits 3 compilation and also recently on the soundtrack to the film "The Number One Girl" starring Vinnie Jones. In 2002 he produced and co-wrote the album 'Something Beginning With J' with pop/R&B girl band Eye Spy. The girl's signed a deal with Tabitha Records and the album was released in America through Peacework Music.


Andy has continued to write and produce for various projects. His songs have been recorded by a long list of artists such as Starship, Vanilla Ice, Darren Styles, DJ Seduction, Maxi Priest, Vogue, Jacqueline Blouin, Tiffany, Angel Eyez, Kathy Sledge, Shanice, Limahl, Mick Simpson, Lisa Lisa, Hixxy, K'Sandra, Billy Daniel Bunter, Slipmatt, Des-ROW, Stacey Q, Sonja Perenda, Brisk, Max Porcelli, Fracus & Darwin, Al Storm, Malaya Blue, Mr Groove, Ferdinand Rennie, Flash Brothers, Kyla, Teeze, Gammer, Joey Riot, Andy Whitby, Klubfiller, Cally Gage, Sound Selektaz, Technikore, Alison Wade, Soheila, Urban Angelz, Fran, Dr Beat, Nu Foundation, Jakazid, Michel Bouvier, UFO, Drink Connection, Dave Hunt, TNA Groove, and Biancomat. His co-written song 'Come For Air' featured on the album 'What Would They Say' by Swiss artist Sun'dra, and was a top 40 hit in Japan. Andy's tracks have also featured on other successful singles, albums and compilation CD's, with releases through Universal, Warner, BMG, Ministry Of Sound, Gut, Virgin, Hard2Beat, Hed Kandi, AATW, Rock City, Baroque, Bless UK, 989 Records, S-Beat, Nukleuz, Hardcore Underground, Resist, Raverbaby, Warped Science, Evolution, Quosh, CYFI Media, Futureworld, Pure Funk, Milleville, Next Generation, Agnosia, Maximum Impact, Mad Ears Productions, Junkbox, DMP Records and Rosenklang.


He won the 2002 UK Songwriting Contest with his co-written song 'Think Of Me' and was a finalist in the 2003 Andelle Contest and 2004 USA Songwriting Contest. Other achievements include winning best Instrumental composition in the 2005 UK Song Contest with the track 'A Father's Son', a nomination for best pop single at the 2011 LA Music Awards for his song 'Finger On The Trigger', and a nomination for best blues song at the 2015 British Blues Awards with his track 'Bitter Moon' that was recorded by Malaya Blue.


As well as being involved in the writing and production side, Andy has also featured as guest vocalist on a number of dance releases, most notably 'We Come Alive' by 'In-Effect & Gammer' (Nukleuz), 'Sun Is Shining' by 'Weaver' (Warped Science) and 'When We're Together' by 'Fracus' (Executive Records).


Andy is currently working on songs and Instrumental music for film, TV and media, credits include 'Medium' (American TV series), 'Extortion' (2017 movie), 'DDR Hottest Party' (Nintendo Wii), 'Disney Descendants' (Hasbro, TV commercial), 'Rock Revolution' (Xbox 360), 'Rick Stein's Spain' (BBC), 'The Horses Of McBride' (TV Movie), ''Secret Interview' (Channel 5), 'Dance Masters' (Kinect), ''Edit 5' (ITV), 'Geordie Shore' (MTV), 'Southern Fury' (2017 movie), 'Nespresso Cubania' (TV commercial), 'NCIS New Orleans' (American TV series), 'Goldfish' (short film), 'Storage Wars Canada' (TV series), 'Road to Hell' (short film), 'Parrot Confidential' (PBS, Nature Channel), "Como Matar a Un Esposo Muerto' (2018 film), 'A Journey Faith' (documentary), 'Rhythm Party' (Konami Xbox), Melrose Place' (TV series), 'A User's Guide To Cheating Death' (TV series), 'Buying The Yukon' (TV series).

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